I feel like you are by my side
even you are far away.

SOBA meeting is a cloud type web conferencing system that anyone can use for free. Completely free, unlimited number of participants, complete cloud type, easy login with SNS account, you can use immediately.


All free

SOBA meeting can be used by multiple participants for free. There is no limitation on the number of people to join. Moreover, there is no additional charge and it is completely free.

No installation required

Because it is a cloud computing type web conferencing system, not necessary to install software on your PC in order to use "SOBA meeting". To use "SOBA meeting", you need only PC, headset and webcam. If you have a PC connected to the Internet, you can use it anytime, from anywhere.

Virtual whiteboard

Possible to share the PDF file in the whiteboard area and simultaneously write and share. All participants can write in the PDF file uploaded by participants of the meeting.

Use Case

Meeting between head office and branch office

If a head office and a branch office employee who is far away try to gather in one place to hold a meeting, it costs traveling expenses and time. Expenses can be reduced if it is a web conference.

Remote seminars and training

Possible to teach multiple students at different locations at the same time.

Communication between families

Also recommended for personal use because it's free to use.